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Fanof, Rypien got me good this year....

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Posted October 24 2012, 10:42 AM

Just when we thought we finally had our team set up to force a match between Mark and I his team added a new ringer. I got a note from him saying I was in for a rough match this weekend but it wasn't going to be him. He didn't say who but I am almost positive that since the Angels are not in the World Series he is sending Pujols after me.

In this format the pros have to play against the pros and it makes more sense to give them a higher HCp partner than to stick me with our GM. As our GM put it I have this habit of coming in no worse than 3rd over the last 9 months or so and they all know it. I have a target on my back that is hard to miss but the competition is INCREDIBLE and the most fun I have ever had on any playing field.

If it is Albert, or any other ringer, All I can do is smile. I have no idea how much longer this run can last but while I am on it I am going to enjoy it as much as I can. I have learned that it is impossible to get psyched up for every match that takes place in a week. Been working hard all year on not looking forward to any one match, just try and take them as they come. So even if someone is looking only at me I ry not to see what match is next. It doesn't matter I still have to play up to my abilities. Anything short and I will get beat. This is a team event so even if I lose a match I can still score points for our team.

However, our team needs to change things. While our GM and I are pretty good in individual events this team has never failed to take last place in this signature team event. The dam thing was started at our club by our GM and we still suck. But everyone wants in to this event making it one of the top Club Team events in the country.

This year Sedona Golf Resort is the host. http://sedonagolfres..._id=21906412295

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