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Montana vs Manning: who's the 2nd greatest of all time?

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#226 ward8668


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Posted March 21 2017, 03:57 PM


I think that is spot on.  They didn't make the playoffs that year, which a lot of people will remember, but they missed at 11-5.  And there was a definite "growing at the end" of the season, as if I remember right they won their last three or four. 


I think if you offered any NFL team an 11-5 when their starting QB goes down in week one, they would jump all over it.

I think a lot of teams would take that with their starting QB being healthy.  11-5 almost always ensures a playoff birth.

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Lon (Kansa City, Mo.): I'm a transplanted 'Burgh boy living in Kansas City. My wife was pregnant with my oldest son when the Steelers drafted an undersized former QB from Georgia with their (compensatory) 3rd round round draft pick in 1998. Now, just days ago sitting here with my almost 14-year-old son watching Hines give his retirement speech...couldn't help but think how fast time flies when you're having fun. Thanks Hines for everything! We will miss your tough catches for first downs when we needed them most, your crushing blocks that had linebackers complaining about rough treatment from WRs, and above all, your smile! You're the consummate football player, pro, and thankfully, Steeler for life! Black and Gold forever!

Nick (Cleveland): As a Browns fan, my memories of Hines Ward will always be his [expletive] smile. There were so many times I wish someone on my beloved Browns could slap it off his face, but we never did. Now that he is retired, I can see myself always referring back to that smile. He was one of the greatest complete wide receivers I had the displeaure of watching bury my Browns year after year in his storied career. Glad to see him go out on a high note. Take care Hines! IMO, a sure fire Hall of Famer.

#227 Sideshow91

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Posted March 22 2017, 09:04 AM

Yes guys it might be 11-5 but how many rings you winnin with those QBs??  Even if you bring back Law, Bruschi, and McGinest in their primes???

#228 Ben6821


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Posted March 23 2017, 03:36 AM

Right but on the flip side of THAT..How many times have we seen a team "come together" "find their center" or whatever the hell you want to call it, in or slightly before the playoffs, and do so enough to go all the way? Even when the surge came as late as November, December, or hell even January in a few cases, and it was widely agreed well after the midpoint of the season that they had no business even dreaming of hoisting a Lombardi that year.

It sounds like a stupid cliche but getting there really is half the battle..and again, we are stretching the bounds of the term "shitty QB" in many of these cases. We aren't talking Ryan Leaf. In most cases, especially with a fine, well oiled, possibly satan worshipping ;) machine like the Pats we will be dealing with at least a decent middle ground game manager

#229 badasp


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Posted March 23 2017, 04:21 PM

In most cases, especially with a fine, well oiled, possibly satan worshipping ;) machine like the Pats...


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