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All this polictical talk, how could we miss the NEW big story?

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Posted Yesterday, 08:28 AM

Boone, I would lead the outrage parade, for hypocrisy.  But we all know the league isn't going to do shit anyways, because the law suit on the player safety issue by former players is settled.  The league doesn't care anymore, or at least they don't have to pretend to care anymore. 


Let's face it, the league doesn't care about player safety, the fans don't care about player safety, and most of the players don't care about player safety.  The only one who cares about it are the lawyers if there is a threat of a legit lawsuit.  It's the same thing in the NHL, where the league has had a handful of former goons/enforcers kill them selves and or die due to the repetitive blows to the head.  The department of player safety says "intentional blows to the head will no longer be tolerated".  BULL SHIT!!  They still occur on a nightly basis, with most times not even a penalty on the ice let alone supplemental discipline.  Am I on my soap box hear trying to advance steps for safety???  NO, just wish the leagues would STFU with all this "player safety" lip service, that's all.  These are big boys that play a high risk/high reward game for a living.  They accept that risk and should accept the results, or, like some NFL players have done, find a new line of work.

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